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My Hopes for Smash 5

With Nintendo E3 coming tomorrow and Smash Bros Switch confirmed to be a central part of Nintendo’s presentation, I decided I’d better write an article about what I want to see in this new game (I seriously wasn’t planning to finish so last minute). I want to be clear that I’m not calling this a “prediction” because I have no information on which to base predictions. This is simply what I want from the game and some of the characters that I think would make it better and more fun. There’s also a couple of characters, franchises and companies that I think deserve to be celebrated in Smash. Be warned that there may be some salt in the reading both from me and from you if you can’t accept the opinions of others. So you’ve been fairly warned.

Now that my little preamble is out of the way, what is the biggest thing that comes up when people talk about what they want from a new Smash Bros game? The roster, of course. I’m going to break this up into four sections—returning characters (maybe small changes), characters I want to see major changes, characters I want to see cut, and new characters.

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