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Fate/Futures – I Dream of Anime

I recently had a dream in which I envisioned the entire setting and plot of the sixth Holy Grail War (the Holy Grail War in Fate/Zero was the fourth and the one in Fate/Stay Night was the fifth). I’ll call this “vision” I had Fate/Futures and it was such a vivid dream I feel like sharing it with all of you. The rest of this article is something of a fan fiction, which isn’t something I set out to do with my blog, so don’t expect to see this kind of post… well… ever again, probably. Here we go


The setting is Mars over 300 years in the future. Mars is a mining colony and people live in a connected series of domed and underground cities. The planet is in the process of being terraformed, but the surface is far from habitable. Our antagonist is the head tycoon of this mining colony and is from a mage family. Unbeknownst to his workforce, he has been preparing Mars as the setting for sixth Holy Grail War rather than Earth by directing the mining project to set up leylines and reactivate the magic circuits of the planet. Because the population of the cities and colonies are small and none of the laborers in the mine are from mage families, the antagonist (nameless in my dream) predicts an easy victory, the outcome of which he will gain full control of Mars.

Now for the servants

d27b77dfed4ec36803760239aae36c8eLancer – Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) – This is the servant of the antagonist. Not much to explain about this guy or their relationship. Just evil, power-hungry men.


Archer – Crazy Horse – This servant belongs to the antagonist’s advisor / cohort who has been promised a share in the control of Mars. The antagonist’s sidekick is of Native American descent and earned her fortune from a family casino back on Earth. In the final stages of the war, Archer catches wind of their plan to become tyrants of a whole world, turns on his master and attempts to kill the antagonist, but is killed by Lancer.

I was unable to find a manga/anime version of Stephen Hawking.

I was unable to find a manga/anime version of Stephen Hawking.

Caster – Stephen Hawking – The master of Caster is one of the scientists working to monitor astronomical activity at the mining colony. She briefly allies with the antagonist because that’s her boss, but after learning of his plans, joins forces with the protagonist, but loses to Archer. Stephen Hawking’s noble phantasm is “black hole.”


Assassin and Rider – Bonnie and Clyde – Bonnie is assassin and Clyde is rider. Their masters are miners who happen to be a married couple. Bonnie’s master is the husband and Clyde’s master is the wife. Bonnie and Clyde are seeking the Grail to restore themselves to life and play their masters against each other. They are defeated by Saber.


Saber – Joan of Arc – I’m pretty sure everyone thought Saber from Fate/Stay Night was Joan of Arc before it was revealed that she was King Arthur. In this dream I had, I guess I subconsciously wanted a little moment of retribution for the Type-Moon writers’ unusual choice to make King Arthur female. Saber’s master is a zealous security guard who is disgusted by the whole Holy Grail War, seeks to put an end to it and is generally the enemy of all combatants. Saber and her master are loners for the entire series and are defeated by Berserker.


Berserker – Berserker is a young, Japanese woman who was the world Judo champion who died a few years ago (in the context of the setting). She qualifies as a heroic spirit for the Holy Grail War because she gained world renown for being a woman who competed and won in the men’s leagues and Olympics. She is the servant and fiancée of the protagonist (well, since she died, that makes her the former fiancée of the protagonist). The protagonist was crushed by the loss of his love and went to Mars to get away from the pain. But the pain followed him and continues throughout the series. Because she’s Berserker, she’s mindless and doesn’t remember him. It’s his goal to win the holy grail war and restore her to life and sentience. Like the rest of the masters, Berserker and her master were nameless in my dream.

As I said at the beginning of this blog post, I know this may have read like a fan fiction, but rather than being the product of a lot of brainstorming and personal biases, what I’ve shared with you here is the result of one dream I had. So what do you think? Should my dreams be used as the basis for anime plots?

7 responses to “Fate/Futures – I Dream of Anime

  1. keazy600 May 12, 2015 at 4:51 am

    I think this whole thing is great. Only part that bugs me is Stephen Hawking as caster. How that must’ve looked in your dream makes me giggle a little bit (i have nothing but respect for the man). All previous iterations of caster were legends that had an actual affinity for magic; Gilles de rais and Medea both dabbled in the occult according to their backgrounds. While your concept of Hawking as caster is sound (Black Hole as a noble phantasm sounds awesome), I couldnt see it living up to the deviance that caster’s predecessors both seemed to have.

    I also love the idea of Berserker being part of the protagonist duo as well as your idea for their characters.

    And just a thought: i dont think this would have to play out as the 6th grail war necessarily. Although time between wars is never a fixed amount, i wouldnt mind seeing some lineage of the fate/stay night cast come into play with direct references but that’s purely subjective.

    I’m jealous you had this dream though. Good on you for remembering and posting about it.

    • Marlin-sama May 12, 2015 at 7:55 am

      Actually, in my dream Stephen Hawking was not bound to a wheelchair. In the context of the dream it was understood that when a person of significance becomes a servant, he or she loses any physical frailties that would be considered a handicap (but wouldn’t lose weaknesses of character). Being Caster class of course meant he wasn’t suddenly ready to go toe-to-toe in a fistfight with another servant–despite being able to walk.

      As for your comment that Caster should have an affinity with magic, check out Fate/Apocrypha. One of the Casters in that story is Shakespeare.

  2. Sui-kun January 11, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    That is actually really cool! A wonderful idea. The only problem with the plot is that Berserker and her Master, with such a touching backstory as the MCs, might suffer from MC syndrome where we know their victory is inevitable. Their relationship is so unusual as to be exceptional, so the only way it might become interesting is if something really unexpected happens…

    Also, I have to ask what qualifies someone to become a heroic spirit? And what might Berserker’s noble phantasm be? Maybe a famous signature Judo move? It’s just that heroic spirits have always been people in history who have taken and/or saved lives. Is a sports champion a hero? It could work.

    In any case, I wish this was real lol. Stephen Hawking–I also have to wonder if he would really be of the caster class, especially since he’s a scientist, not a magician… and Hawking is a person of learning and knowledge and theory. I guess the lines could be blurred by saying “Any sufficiently advanced technology would be comparable to magic”. I would be really interested in finding out why he became a servant, though. If I could only ask, “Mr. Hawking, what would be your motivations for becoming a servant in the Fate universe? Some kind of unfinished business when you were alive?”

    Also, hello Marlin. 🙂

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