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Fall 2014 First Impressions

Hello everyone. I’ve been on a little hiatus for the better part of the past year, but I want to get back into blogging. I’m not sure how often I’ll be writing new content, but I have to start somewhere.

Here’s my thoughts on Fall 2014’s anime lineup followed by my recommendation of either “watch,” “maybe,”  or “don’t watch.”

Terra Formars – While I was intrigued by the idea of an anime that dealt with the subject matter of a terraformed Mars, in the end the first episode didn’t sufficiently hold my attention with its mediocre story and dark art style. (maybe)

26696609Denkigai no Honya-san – A wonderful mash-up of the best parts of Working!! (Wagnaria) and Genshiken, this series is set in an anime bookstore with a great cast of moe characters, romantic comedy and jokes any serious anime fan will enjoy. (watch)

Garo The Animation – This series has potential in its story and setting. From gritty beginnings, we see the start of an elaborate backstory shaping into something big and complicated. But it also feels a little too predictable and the animation doesn’t mesh its hand drawn main sequences with its CG fight scenes very well. (maybe)

Laughing Under the Clouds – I don’t really know what this series is about because it bored me to nearly falling asleep after 10 minutes of watching it. *yawn* (don’t watch)

LogHorizon2Log Horizon Season 2 – I loved the first season of Log Horizon and I’m looking forward to seeing where the second goes. This is a series that is very much about politics and economics so I recommend it for fans of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha and Spice and Wolf. (watch)

Magic Kaito 1412 – I suppose if you’re a fan of Detective Conan or Lupin III there’s a slight chance you might find this story about a noble jewel thief to be interesting… perhaps? (don’t watch)

Lord Marksman and Vanadis – Another series that failed to capture my interest in the first episode. I wanted to like it, but it just didn’t leave much impact. There’s only so much a guy can do against an opponent who is THAT much stronger than him. (don’t watch)

In Search of Lost Future – The first episode of this school drama had enough mystery to catch my interest, but the story stagnated in the second episode leaving me wondering what it was even going to be about. (don’t watch)

UnlimitedBladeWorksTVFate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works TV – It’s Fate/Stay Night. Pretty much any self-respecting anime fan needs to give this franchise some attention–especially when it’s animated this beautifully by Ufotable. (watch)

d34c942946463a874da9882f80b9723cCross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons – My initial expectation of this series was that it would start out with shock value and then move into fanservice and devolve into something pointless similar to Freezing. But I’m continuing to be pleasantly surprised by the humanity this series puts into its characters as they make the best of their lives after getting the short end of the stick. (watch)

World Trigger – The setting of this series is too contrived and expects the watcher to swallow a lot of incomprehensible stuff during the exposition of the first ten minutes of the first episode. (don’t watch)

Le Fruit de la Grisaia – You can tell this was adapted from an eroge that didn’t care much about the story. (don’t watch)

Wolf Girl and Black Prince – I’m not into stories that are just about the writer abusing the characters. (don’t watch)

Celestial Method – The first episode showed promise with its premise of a girl returning to her childhood city and meeting up with her friends after being away for a couple of years. But the second episode went completely off the rails and crashed (seriously, what was that second episode even about?). (don’t watch)

Gugure! Kokkuri-san – I’m a sucker for lonely characters who need some cheering up. I’m not sure if this comedy filled with some very Japanese humor is going to be something I stick with for the whole season, though. (maybe)

46743453_p0Amagi Brilliant Park – Possibly the best series this season. A little bit of comedy and moe added to a very serious story about a run-down theme park that’s in dire straights is a formula that has resulted in a bolt of creative lightning. (watch)

sample-9ebe9ce13d6bfc5c63e9b025b6fd0214Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis – At first I wasn’t sold on the series that seems to have borrowed its title from a big-name franchise and whose protagonist has a goofy red afro. But a few episodes in and I’m hooked on an anime that weaves a great story about underhanded deals between gods, demons and the humans caught in between. (watch)

46519359_p0_master1200When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace – What would happen if you and your friends suddenly found yourselves with superpowers and no cause to use them? This school comedy shows how a group of young people have managed to preserve their daily lives by not letting their newfound abilities to get to their heads. (watch)

Yona of the Dawn – A story about a princess and her court who find themselves betrayed by the one person they least expected feels a little formulaic, but still inspires the viewer to root for the underdog. (maybe)

Trinity Seven – I was expecting an anime similar to other recent magic school action series like Magical Warfare or Mahouka Koukou, but what I found was a title that was willing to literally reduce itself to bathroom humor like that really bad Naruto Sports Festival OVA. (don’t watch)

A Good Librarian Likes a Good Shepherd – Nothing about this series really makes it bad, so I’m hesitant to rip into it too hard, but at the same time it also has a hard time fully detailing the motive of its story. (maybe)

46617640_p0Parasyte -the maxim- – With a terrific pace to the plot, awesome action scenes full of strategy and a theme about the pull between human emotion vs raw logic all offset by a little well-placed comedy here and there, this alien-horror story has me engrossed and itching for the next episode. (watch)

season2_teamPsycho-Pass 2 – I’m eager to see where this amazing cyberpunk series takes us as the second season fires up. (watch)

Shirobako – P.A. Works is a really hit or miss anime production company. Sometimes they amaze with titles like NagiAsu or Hanasaku Iroha. But other times they really miss the mark with empty series like Glasslip or Tari Tari. I’m inclined to think Shirobako is in the second camp. (maybe)

Your Lie in April – I wasn’t really impressed with the story this series seems to be trying to tell. I’ve seen many plots that revolve around someone who was hurt by music and then finds healing through music. It’s hard to get very interested in another one that lacks some other distinguishing feature to hold my attention. (maybe)

46754840_p0Gonna be the Twin-Tails – What is the greatest source of power in the world? Why twintails of course! That’s what this action / comedy sets out to show us as it pokes some good-natured fun at the moe and superhero genres. (watch)

Girlfriend Beta – All I can really say about this rather sweet, moe, slice of life story is that it lacks any kind of plot to help it stand out. All the pieces are in place for something heartfelt, but it just doesn’t quite have the chops. (maybe)

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – A magic girl series with some dark undertones is also filled with a lot of hope as well. However, I don’t see a lot of room for character development and it seems like they’re just going through the motions of their assigned roles. Interesting design choices are holding my interest, though. (maybe)

sample-1d4754e46a714f733461f1ea03ee4bceMushishi Second Season – Ginko is back for the second half of season two of one of the most philosophical and imaginative anime that has ever been made. (watch)

Sword Art Online II – The GGO arc of the first half of this series really gripped me and got me interested in the franchise again. But now that they’ve returned to ALO, my excitement is fading fast. (maybe)

45679714Akame ga Kill – I haven’t been this attached to characters in a series that wasn’t Game of Thrones. This gritty story about a group of assassins working with the rebels to overthrow a corrupt government has the right balance of emotion, comedy, action and story to really make you feel for the characters on both sides of the war–a rare gem of storytelling. (watch)

3 responses to “Fall 2014 First Impressions

  1. TWWK October 31, 2014 at 10:22 am

    Woh, update! :O

    We usually differ in series we like – in fact, you often differ from most – and this season’s similar. Although I do notice that we have a few that cross over, as we’re both enjoying FSN, Parasyte, and SAO.

  2. medievalotaku October 31, 2014 at 11:50 pm

    Reblogged this on Medieval Otaku and commented:
    Marlin-sama is blogging again! He always offers some interesting opinions–the most controversial of which being his claim that Madoka is a better Savior than Our Lord. (That resulted in the production of some very interesting posts on both sides of the issue!)
    In this post, he briefly comments on the merits of this season’s shows and offers his recommendations. The most interesting of which is that Amagi Brilliant Park is perhaps the best series of this season! (Coming back from hiatus with another controversial comment! xD But, perhaps this show has more to it than I have given it credit for.) I hope to read more of his posts in the coming weeks. Be sure to follow him!

  3. GoodbyeNavi November 1, 2014 at 5:52 am

    I made it through the first episode of Laughing Under the Clouds. It was worth it. I still have no idea what is going on, though. For its bright animation, it has a dark story.

    Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis completely took me off guard. I did not expect it to be enjoyable when I saw the main character. So far, it is a “can’t judge a book (anime) by its cover”.

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