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Anime of the Week (11/24 – 11/30)

Anime of the Week – Yuushibu
Fino and Raul... a couple?

I love this anime’s sense of irony as Raul falls for the daughter of the demon lord he wanted to defeat, which would have made him a hero for the ages. Unlike other characters who resent this lost opportunity, it’s great to see Raul is a classy guy who can put his pride behind him and move forward in a peaceful world where heroes and demon lords don’t exist.                              

November 24 Monogatari Series Ep. 21 I’ve always liked how this series has the ability to pair such opposing themes as comedy and philosophy.
Little Busters Refrain Ep. 8 If the first season was about the girls’ side of the Little Busters team, then this season is about the guys.
White Album 2 Ep. 8 It often surprises me how little some Japanese people have experienced their own country. I’d like to say Americans have the excuse of having much more land, but then are we really that much different?
November 25 Magi 2 Ep. 8 I like the whole idea of a balanced mind and body creating a stronger mage, but was there any meaning in not explaining the purpose of their training?
November 26 Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Ep. 8 There’s a subtle skill in composing a story that isn’t just a string of battles, but also links those confrontations together in a way that makes them unavoidable rather than simply necessary.
Unbreakable Machine Doll Ep. 8 It’s as if this series exists simply to show how much better it is to go all the way with CG animation like Arpeggio rather than mixing it with standard animation whenever a fight scene comes up.
November 28 Coppelion Ep. 9 It’s ok to be over the top for style points if it makes sense with the rest of the setting. But in an otherwise serious, post-apocalyptic ruin, lightheartedness clashes with every other emotion.
Kyoukai no Kanata Ep. 9 What a dilemma. I don’t know how anyone could choose been the world and the one they love. I pride myself on my logical side, but I’m not sure if I could swallow up my emotions to make the right choice.
November 29 Nagi no Asu Kara Ep. 9 If an important event isn’t going to be officially sanctioned by an authority, too many people forget there’s no reason you can’t organize the ceremony privately and carry on with the support of friends and family.
November 30 Outbreak Company Ep. 9 Why do these kinds of anime waste my time with pointless fanservice and stereotypical depictions of perverted men that serve only to degrade my gender?
Yuushibu Ep. 9 I think the main problem men have when their girlfriends drag them along to go shopping is that women are just shopping for themselves. If it was an inclusive activity, I’m sure boyfriends would enjoy it more.
Freezing Vibration Ep. 9 There’s a wise saying all Americans should remember, “As the spiritual descendents of rebels, may we never confuse rational dissenters with traitors.”

2 responses to “Anime of the Week (11/24 – 11/30)

  1. medievalotaku January 2, 2014 at 9:22 am

    Yuushibu surprised me the most out of the anime this season. It’s an ecchi; but the characters were incredibly likable, and there was an edifying story behind it. I’d almost be willing for another season, but the series’ ending seemed so complete that another story following this would likely feel contrived.

    • Marlin-sama January 2, 2014 at 11:17 am

      I dunno. The ending kind of petered off into ambiguity so I could see a second season doing a fine job telling more home improvement jokes in the context of a fantasy setting.

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