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Anime of the Week (11/10 – 11/16)

Anime of the Week – Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio
Haruna protects Makie

When described in simple terms it seems very straightforward, but too often an interesting villain will be killed off for dramatic effect when if that character had lived he or she could have continued to serve a purpose in forwarding the story. That Arpeggio makes good use of its character resources is a testament to the vision of its writing.                              

November 10 Monogatari Series Ep. 19 I’ve always liked Bakemonogatari for its intriguing, philosophical dialogue. But this arc is nothing but story.
Little Busters Refrain Ep. 6 What is the point of challenging Kyousuke to? Riki, if you’re mature, just stand up to him and say, “no.”
White Album 2 Ep. 6 This series is far removed from the typical tropes that pervade high school romance anime. It’s amazingly refreshing.
November 11 Magi 2 Ep. 6 After thinking about it afterwards, I don’t think Hakuryuu was in the wrong, but in the heat of the moment I was shocked.
November 12 Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Ep. 6 I’m loving this series for the little things. Haruna could have died protecting Makie for cheap drama. But she didn’t.
Unbreakable Machine Doll Ep. 6 As pretty as it is, one of the annoying things I’ve noticed in this series are the switches between hand drawn and CGI.
November 14 Coppelion Ep. 7 When everything seems hopelessly lost and the world goes crazy, letting yourself join in the madness might sound like fun.
Kyoukai no Kanata Ep. 7 I’ve nothing against revenge. But if it’s an undertaking you want to pursue, make sure your motivation is sound.
November 15 Nagi no Asu Kara Ep. 7 At first I thought the reason people shouldn’t leave the sea is because of decreasing births, but that may not be the case.
November 16 Outbreak Company Ep. 7 I admit to having been so dazzled by the wonders of Akihabara that I forgot why I had gone there in the first place.
Yuushibu Ep. 7 As much as you wish people would gravitate to a store with better customer service, in the end they’ll want the cheaper one.
Freezing Vibration Ep. 7 Definitely not the most sophisticated of stories, but I’m feeling despair gradually transitioning into hope.

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