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Anime of the Week (7/28 – 8/3)

Anime of the Week – Attack on Titan
We salute the new recruits to the Recon Corps

Courage and pride can only take someone so far. When it really counts, it’s not a matter of bravery or duty that drives the best of us, but the acknowledgement that if someone doesn’t step forward to do what’s right, nobody will.                              

July 28 Attack on Titan Ep. 16 I often complain about the pace of the story, but this series has its moments of courage, determination and insight.
July 29 Day Break Illusion Ep. 4 Someone will always be the winner. But if you brought your A game and still lost, that’s nothing to be ashamed of.
KinMoza Ep. 4 A big part of the fun in this anime (for me at least) is listening to the English that’s almost right, but not quite.
KoiChoco Ep. 13 After what was a surprisingly serious series, it’s nice to have a bonus episode where all the characters can let loose.
Genshiken N Ep. 4 I don’t know what others see in doujinshi, but unlike many otaku I’ve never gotten into them, nor would I go to Comiket.
Monogatari 2 Ep. 4 I’m wondering if we’ll ever see Koyomi this season. Perhaps it’s time for those he protected to stand up for themselves?
August 2 WataMote Ep. 4 You know you’ve got cool parents if, when they catch you in a private, “embarrassing” situation, they don’t freak out.
Blood Lad Ep. 4 The names of Staz’s family members are nice word-play, “Blood D” “Blood T” but it’s too bad they won’t work in English.
Gatchaman Crowds Ep. 3 Individual survival is important, but creating a better tomorrow through trust in our fellow man is a worthy goal.
Prisma Illya Ep. 4 Abandon logic and act on imagination. Those are the rules to being a magic girl. Explaining magic only complicates things.
August 3 Railgun S Ep. 17 One of the reasons I love this series is because while the cast is quite large, it never fails to give everyone some time.

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One response to “Anime of the Week (7/28 – 8/3)

  1. japesland August 6, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    Shingeki has been getting much stronger the past few weeks. I’m hoping they can keep this up.

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